Cantel Medical

Location: Little Falls, NJ
Industry: Medical Device
Service: PLM Integration


the challenge

Cantel Medical was formed through the merger of several companies but was without a PLM system or a QMS (quality management system).

The company reached out to ZWS to help implement a PLM system with a focus on quality management and issue management so that they could resolve quality problems by identifying, managing and tracking complaints tied to a case (issue) in their case management tool.


zws solution

Using a cross-application approach, ZWS took a broader, holistic view of Cantel’s needs.

ZWS loaded all parts and documents into Propel PLM and implemented change processes against these. In addition, ZWS deployed issue and complaint management and implemented a training management solution tied to training requirements when documents change in Propel PLM. Such electronic management is required for medical device companies to meet compliance and oversight obligations.

In a second phase, ZWS deployed BOM and change management in Propel PLM and created a full integration between Propel PLM and SAP ERP.


the benefits

Cantel can achieve and maintain the regulatory compliance required in the medical device industry.

The company electronically manages parts, documentation, BOMs, training records and more.

With PLM’s single version of the truth about the product, countless spreadsheets were replaced, costly errors are minimized, issue management is expedited and compliance is maintained.