Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Industry: Industrial
Service: Integration and CloudState


the challenge

Blentech’s existing ERP, CAD and PDM systems were not integrated to each other, and none were connected to the company’s Propel PLM system. This led to misalignment between engineering and manufacturing groups.

The company’s large BOM structures called for automation to drive BOMs from origination in engineering to downstream recipients and presented the opportunity for better component reuse, but too often the state of parts was uncertain and those opportunities for reuse couldn’t be identified.


zws solution

Working with the Blentech team, Zero Wait-State captured key issues and desired outcomes for Blendtech product development.

ZWS then used CloudState to implement a bi-directional integration between SolidWorks PDMPro and Propel PLM to drive component and BOM information from the engineering authoring source to PLM.


the benefits

With its streamlined integration Blentech now enjoys quicker and more reliable transfer of information from its PDM system to its PLM system.

Engineering now has enhanced and scalable change control through integrated systems with final change release in PLM.

The team also has improved visibility for possible component reuse and downstream component status.