AvtechTyee customer story



Location: Everett, WA
Industry: Aerospace
Website: www.avtechtyee.com
Service: Implementation


the challenge

AvtechTyee found that their product quality management process was taking too long. This was costing them money both in terms of lost opportunities and overhead. In order to overcome this challenge, they needed to improve cycle time performance for dispositioning products with quality issues during their material review board (MRB) process. Cletus Udoye was the ZWS consultant up for the challenge.


zws solution

Cletus oversaw the configuration of their Agile Product Quality Management module (PQM) during our implementation engagement. He was able to streamline their processes and make all product information visible in one system for dispositioning.


the benefits

Tracking the MRB disposition times during a 5 month period, AvetchTyee saw a dramatic reduction from a high of 23 days to a now consistent 6 days. A 74% decrease in cycle time.