Alert Innovation CUSTOMER STORY


Alert Innovation

Location: North Billerica, MA
Industry: High Tech
Service: Implementation and CloudState


the challenge

Alert Innovation used an outdated PLM system and needed to move on.

The company had extremely knowledgeable in-house expertise, but was seeking additional guidance in preparing for and implementing its new Propel PLM system.


zws solution

Zero Wait-State used its implementation expertise to share its knowledge and assist Alert Innovation’s team with the implementation of Propel PLM.

ZWS coached the Alert Innovation team so they could perform necessary data migrations internally.


the benefits

Alert Innovation now has a very modern PLM system that is highly tailored to the company’s specific needs.

In the process of implementing their system, members of the Alert Innovation team achieved significant knowledge about Propel PLM to enhance in-house expertise.

ZWS continues to be a knowledge partner with Alert Innovation to assist them whenever needed as they move forward confidently in the future.